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My Story

Combining my passion for counseling, my love for horses and nature, has always been a dream of mine. After spending years in and out of treatment for eating disorders and PTSD, I have seen the need for a place for people to rest and discover their life after treatment. Its important for people to discover their core values, what they want for themselves and face those challenges they have been trying to avoid. Through observing nature and equine assisted psychotherapy, there is nothing more rewarding for me than to see someone discover something about themselves or a pattern in their life that they have never noticed before. I am a firm believer of finding the root cause of peoples disorders or troubles and nurturing that space in our lives before focusing on the behavior. 
I received my Masters in Clinical Counseling from Mount Mary University in 2011. For my entire professional career I have not only specialized in helping people with eating disorders, but helping people find their TRUE selves. More than anything, I love helping people find out who they are beyond their illness.

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Behind the Scenes


With passion and empathy in their hearts, these two do the work to keep our family owned ranch working. Having their support during this adventure has been indescribable as they, my sister, Jessica and the rest of our family/friends have walked every step of the way with me.

Team: About Me
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